Friendship and Desserts… French Style Thumbnail

The day after my return to the US, I headed to the central train station in Philadelphia to pick up two of my closest friends… a French couple I had grown close to through my masters program. Expats in France often moan that the French are so hard to befriend – and they can be.… Continue Reading

My Top 10 Favorite Cookbooks

My Top 10 Favorite Cookbooks Thumbnail

With my love of print, it should come as no surprise that most of my boxes in storage are weighed by books I’ve collected… the crumbs of passed travels and various interests that bind my identity together. Books have always been my biggest headache while moving, while also providing me a chance to slip away… Continue Reading

The Adored: Weekly Roundup 2

The Adored: Weekly Roundup 2 Thumbnail

I’ve been back in the US for a month now, and time has just flown by! My first couple of weeks were filled with reconnecting with friends and unpacking. Now I’m keeping busy with my job search, designing a resume website, editing my resume and preparing a list of companies I’d love to work for.… Continue Reading

Espresso Moment

Espresso Moment Thumbnail

It’s been a month today since I left Paris and yet somehow it feels much further away. Sometimes I feel so foreign here – like when I went looking for a small log of bloomed, ripe chèvre. My Franprix had at least 5 variations, but here I’m lucky to find a single sort of goat… Continue Reading

A Private Dîner en Blanc to Welcome me home Thumbnail

The Dîner en Blanc is synonymous with an elegant summer party between close friends and new friends. And I was lucky enough to [pseudo] attend two in Paris, the first at Place des Vosges right in my Parisian neighborhood and the second in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Few people know, however, the story… Continue Reading

Until we meet again, Paris

Until we meet again, Paris Thumbnail

My last moments in Paris before I embark on this new adventure. There is excitement, sadness and anticipation. Think of an emotion and I have it. It’s hard letting go of something I worked so hard to make happen, but I know I’m letting go in order to embrace something new and exciting. I have… Continue Reading