TEFAF 2013 in Review

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On Friday I drove up to Maastricht for TEFAF to admire and discover some of the best works of art available on the market, many of which are museum-quality. More than once my friend and I were in such animated conversation that an intrigued expert would join in. I would think our age alone would be clue enough that we wouldn’t be entering into negotiations but I can’t think of anything someone passionate for the arts loves more than to find others to share it with. Attending events such as these only affirms my anticipation and excitement to be working in this field.

Today marks the close of another exciting year at TEFAF. As expected, the event captured many headlines during the last 10 days. In case you missed it, here’s a round up of the top news:

A Serious (Af)Fair: Old Masters at Maastricht: For those who might be considering checking out TEFAF 2014, Mutual Art did a great job explaining the many reasons this art fair is such an ordeal.

TEFAF Report: Top Quality Work Draws Big-Spending Collectors and Major Museums: A few highlights from some of the most prestigious galleries exhibiting at TEFAF. Along these same lines, here is a review of some of the museum-quality pieces institutions might be interested in buying for their collections. And if you’re more interested in diamonds, here is more information on the heart-stopping brooch worth $100m.

TEFAF Reports U.S. Return to Top of Art Market: Personally I’m more interested in longterm trends than the constant jostling back and forth between China and the US for contender of “World Capital of the Art Market”. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to note that according to TEFAF Art Market Report 2013 there has been a significant drop of 24% in sales values for China. Also in the report, instability in the global market means collectors are relying on the certainty of well-known artists of Post War and Contemporary which continues to maintain its dominance on the market.

Tefaf in Talks With Sotheby’s for Art Event in China: Some of the biggest news as far as the business side of organizing an art fair is concerned.

TEFAF may be wrapping up for the year, but the Spring season is only beginning! In France, Art Paris is just around the corner and then the market quickly moves on to the Salon du Dessin and Drawing Week which is ripe with museum expositions, vernissages and auctions in drawings including a new Modern Drawings auction at Christie’s. In additions to projects for my MBA, plus an academic trip to London, my April calendar is overflowing! Just one reason why Spring is my favorite time of year.

Which upcoming art fairs and museum expositions are you looking forward to?

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  1. TheWanderfullTraveler March 26, 2013, 3:22 pm

    Your April sounds very promising. Can’t wait to read another blog post on London.
    That brooch is ridiculous lol.
    As for me, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the closest large scale and accomplished gallery within driving distance, is hosting some very interesting exhibitions not only from a personal perspective but with interest to my travel blog.
    One in particular is the Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life Exhibition where the history of the architecture of the hotel and it’s transformations and functions around the world.
    Secondly, VAG is receiving many works of Dutch and Flemish artists from the 17th Century from the Rijksmuseum.
    And thirdly, there is to be a focus on the travel of Canadian artist Emily Carr – she traveled to remote locations around British Columbia to depict the disappearing life and culture of the First Nations back in the early 20’s. Her travels are to be put within a dialogue by artist and traveler Gareth Moore, who traveled in Europe, Asia and North America studying ancient and pre-historic sites.

    This summer should be a lot of fun and lots to write about regarding the western Canadian art exhibitions on offer.


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