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A few weeks ago, I decided to start a new series, The Adored: Weekly Roundup where I share a list of links for books, articles, blog posts, upcoming events you won’t want to miss, etc.

Photo of the Week

Gerhard Richter

Cage by Gerhard Richter, 2006 – at the Tate Modern



I recently came across Pictify which is the art world’s version of Pinterest. Despite the similarities, there are a number of additional benefits including the chance to connect directly with professionals in art. With curating transforming into a much broader practice no longer reserved for art galleries and museums, Pictify brings it back to art allowing users to put together their own thematic art expositions via “boards”. The most significant let down is that it doesn’t run very smoothly and can be very slow especially in comparison to the popular social media platform it copies. Here are some additional tips for content curation by Social Media Explorer.


Recently I received a letter from an old fried who reminded me how I used to always see the sunshine and silver-lining in everything. The gentle wake up call was all I needed to begin breaking out from underneath this dark cloud that somehow creeped in. As I launch into my job search, the timing couldn’t be better! Turns out, happy people also get more job opportunities according to Career Realism and I couldn’t have found more support in this theory than with the time-honored job-hunter’s classic, What Color is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles. Forgetting how to be happy? How about these tips from the Happiness Project.


One evening while in London last week, I spent hours lost in the black and white lines of English print at Waterstones. One of the books I brought back to Paris is Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. All professionals, especially those with pre-conceived notions about extroverts vs. introverts, should read this! Not only am I coming to a better understanding of myself (a contented introvert), I’m fascinated by the various case and scientific studies that Cain includes. Can’t put it down!

Going on in Paris

Paris is hosting a massive barbecue – yes, Paris. The city of gourmandise has finally caved in and decided that yes, barbecues are amazing! The massive outdoor get-together will be Sunday, April 28 at noon outside Hôtel de Ville. And the best part? It’s free! It doesn’t get much better than that! Definetely curious to see how the Frenchies interpret this great American and Australian tradition!

ArtfullyAdored Update

  • In the last month I’ve completed three market plans, a museum-focused social media strategy and the website for my mock-museum. It’s all under the umbrella of my MBA and I’m so excited to apply these experiences to my next job!
  • I got back from London last week where I attended lectures at one of the leading universities for my field. During this amazing trip I was able to visit the Tate Modern and plan the next of my Guess the Artist series. Come back this week to play!
  • I’m running for Boston! The news of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon hit me hard. I’m so proud of how American’s rose to the occasion and and I, too, felt instantly “compelled to continue my training” to show support just as this CNN Reporter writes. So this weekend I lace up to run my first 10k which is the first of three within the next month.
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  1. TheWanderfullTraveler May 4, 2013, 9:37 pm

    I have been fascinated by the Introvert book by Cain as well. I’m well known for being shy and quiet, tending to listen and avoid the spotlight (but my family on the other hand may tell you different) when in crowds or with new people.
    Thinking I should pick this book up.



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