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This round of Guess the Artist featuring works of art from the Tate Modern in London has certainly proved to be the most challenging – just as I had hoped. I was encouraged by all of the comments on the MoMA edition to push it to the next level. I’m happy to have challenged you and, who knows, perhaps you’ll have discovered a few new artists in the process.

I should add that each of these artists are internationally acclaimed Modern and Contemporary masters. If some of the artists below are new to you, than I’m happy to have shared a snapshot of their work.

If you have yet to guess yourself, you can submit them by clicking over to Tate Modern: Guess the Artist, Part 1 before scrolling below. I would hate to spoil your fun!

Here are the paintings! How did you do?

Painting 1

1: Lee Krasner
Lee Krasner, Gothic Landscapes, 1961

Painting 2

2: Lee Ufan
Lee Ufan, From Line, 1978

Painting 3

3: Henri Laurens
Henri Laurens, Autumn, 1948

Painting 4

4: Rothko
Rothko, Red on Marron, 1959

Painting 5

5: Gerhard Richter
Gerhard Richter, Cage (1), 2006

Painting 6

6: Magda Cordell
Magda Cordell, Figure (Woman), 1956-57

Painting 7

7: Picasso
Picasso, Nude, Green Leaves and Bust, 1932

Painting 8

8: Giacometti
Giacometti, Man Painting, 1947

Painting 9

9: Ibrahim El-Salahi
Ibrahim El-Salahi, Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams, 1961-65

Painting 10

10: Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon, Seated Figure, 1961

Painting 11

11: Pollock
Pollock, Yellow Islands, 1952

Painting 12

12: Ernst
Max Ernst, The Entire City, 1934

So what do you think? How did you do?

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  1. susan May 16, 2013, 11:24 am

    really cool series Stephanie…I didn’t do very well (modern is not my strong suit) but great choices!


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