About 10 years ago, while I was in high school, I approached a teacher to confess what I had finally decided to major in. This particular teacher had that rare gift to ignite the soul of his pupils and he had opened our eyes to works of art deep in meaning and symbolism. I was a bit taken aback, naturally, when he responded “So you mean I’ve ruined you” to my decision to pursue Art History, a sheepish grin spreading across his face.

As art continued to pour into every facet of my life, I gained the insight and experience needed to understand his comment. Suffice to say he failed to deter me and today I am happily ruined as a determined and passionate young professional immersed in the world of art unable to stop painting her dreams across the canvas of reality.

So not unlike others who are in love with art and who are cultivating their creative sides, I moved to France which had also long ago stolen a piece of my heart. I’ve since lived in Montpellier, Provence and Paris over the span of five years discovering the nuances of French culture and art all along the way.

This is where ArtfullyAdored comes in. Currently pursuing my master’s degree in the Art Market at a French university and keeping up with the latest in museum expositions, art fairs, auctions and the international market, all the while exploring Paris, I wanted to create an outlet where I could share the in’s and out’s of my artful adventures. It is my hope and passion that ArtfullyAdored inspires you to lead an artful life as well.


Stephanie Elle