For much of the past decade my life has been sumptuously intertwined with France – 6 years of which I was living between Paris, Provence and Montpellier. Surrendering to a nagging desire to experience the French way of life, I first visited France in 2007. And the curtain never closed. I’ve since mastered the French language, obtained my MBA from a French university and held various roles and accountabilities at art galleries, international auction houses and art fairs in Paris. Recently, I have returned to the states, but I’ll never cease my endeavor to live a life that celebrates and accentuates the finer things.

ArtfullyAdored was created with a strong desire to challenge perceived boundaries and expose others to a world rich with beauty and possibility, guided by principals (below) that define my raison d’être. I hope you find inspiration, and so much more, as you join me on amplifying this adventure called life.

Finer Things
Appreciating refined, artisanal craftsmanship – in all things


Always in pursuit of superior quality and cultivation


Expanding my knowledge and applying what I know


Applying what I know to create rich and unique experiences


Exploring the beating heart of world cultures


Taking a leap of faith into the unknown


Giving praise where praise is due