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Art Basel 2013

Art Basel is for those who want to discover the freshest contemporary art on the market. The annual art fair is hosted by this little, unsuspecting town in Switzerland, yet attracts art collectors and buyers from the four corners of the earth. These collectors come for two essential reasons: to discover and to buy art… Continue Reading

This round of Guess the Artist featuring works of art from the Tate Modern in London has certainly proved to be the most challenging – just as I had hoped. I was encouraged by all of the comments on the MoMA edition to push it to the next level. I’m happy to have challenged you… Continue Reading

Since I began my Guess the Artist series over a year ago, I’ve been anxious to add the Tate Modern to the mix. I introduced the challenge with the Pompidou, sharing mere inches of large paintings by some of the world’s greatest modern masters. Nearly everyone who participated was able to accurately name the artist.… Continue Reading

TEFAF 2013 in Review

On Friday I drove up to Maastricht for TEFAF to admire and discover some of the best works of art available on the market, many of which are museum-quality. More than once my friend and I were in such animated conversation that an intrigued expert would join in. I would think our age alone would… Continue Reading

MoMA: Guess the artist, Part 2

For my last post MoMA: Guess the artist, Part 1, I shared close-up images of ten works of art currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The post caught the attention of many art lovers, and I loved the various responses, most of them pretty close to 100% correct. On a… Continue Reading

MoMA: Guess the artist, Part 1

Last year I had a lot of fun sharing some of my close-up images of paintings at the Centre Pompidou and many of you enjoyed playing a game of “Guess the Artist“. A few days ago I darted up to New York for a day of city-fun with one of my best friends. We were… Continue Reading