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I remember looking at leather bags in Florence when I first visited years ago. My hands slide across the smooth leather, what a beautiful souvenir it would have made. Later a friend and I struck up a conversation with another coffee-drinker at a coffee shop in Philadelphia. I don’t remember much about her, except that… Continue Reading

Enchanted by Florence

Most of the time while traveling, the journey transforms you. The new sites, the taste of life lived differently, the different flavor combinations, the rhythms of faraway cities; each awaken a place inside you that you hadn’t even realized was sleeping. By the time you are packing to return home, you feel you’ve barely gotten… Continue Reading

Top 6 for a Weekend in London

What would be your perfect weekend in London? Each time I come back from London, I am more certain about how I would like to spend a weekend getaway in Paris’ anglo neighbor. And now that I’ve finished my dissertation, I’m hoping for more opportunities to hop on the Eurostar and dart across the Channel.… Continue Reading

Discovering the Dordogne

Back in August, my Bodum French Press shattered over my bare leg. Eight cups of near-boiling water poured down my leg leading to severe second-degree burns from the back of my thigh to the top of my foot. It took weeks of daily dressing changes, four visits to the hospital and a drugstore-worth of bandages… Continue Reading

Once the most powerful empire of Europe, today Portugal seems tucked away from the rest of the World, Spain surrounding it on the mainland and the wide open Atlantic to the West; a contemporary paradox as this is where the discovery of the New World began. It’s no wonder the traditions of the Portuguese, a… Continue Reading

Artful Destination: La Colombe d’Or

For my last Artful Destination, I shared La Fondation Maeght. But that was only half of one of my most memorable experiences in the little Provence village of Saint Paul de Vence. Not far is La Colombe d’Or, one of the rare destinations in the world where guests can dine while marveling at a number… Continue Reading