My Top 10 Favorite Cookbooks

With my love of print, it should come as no surprise that most of my boxes in storage are weighed by books I’ve collected… the crumbs of passed travels and various interests that bind my identity together. Books have always been my biggest headache while moving, while also providing me a chance to slip away… Continue Reading

The Adored: Weekly Roundup 2

I’ve been back in the US for a month now, and time has just flown by! My first couple of weeks were filled with reconnecting with friends and unpacking. Now I’m keeping busy with my job search, designing a resume website, editing my resume and preparing a list of companies I’d love to work for.… Continue Reading

The Adored: Weekly Roundup 1

A few weeks ago, I decided to start a new series, The Adored: Weekly Roundup where I share a list of links for books, articles, blog posts, upcoming events you won’t want to miss, etc. Photo of the Week Cage by Gerhard Richter, 2006 – at the Tate Modern Links Art I recently came across… Continue Reading

The Adored: Weekly Roundup

Hello? Readers? Are you still there? I know, I’ve been terrible at posting! Recently I was going through my digital photos and found shots of my Galette de Roi, the traditional French cake with a hidden token or toy inside crowning the person who finds it King for the day (assuming they didn’t choke on… Continue Reading

The last twelve months have been some of the most exciting and astounding, no doubt filled with plenty of challenging moments of growth and trying experiences. I celebrated the completion of my first year in a master’s program with a French university, wrote a 200 page dissertation which I defended just before returning to the… Continue Reading

I still vividly remember waiting outside her office. Somehow I’d gotten the idea that getting my masters in France was my next big move but I didn’t know how to get from Pennsylvania to Paris. I’d asked one of my university advisors who referred me to an old professor I’d had when I’d just begun… Continue Reading