Top 8 for the Haut Marais

Top 8 for the Haut Marais Thumbnail

Once a neighborhood I loved to get lost in early on a Sunday morning, I now weave through the historic streets of the Marais knowing exactly where each street will take me. Over the last two years, the Haut Marais (the northern section of the third arrondissement quite different from the Marais of St Paul)… Continue Reading

My Top 6 of Life in France

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My memories of the last few years in France are rich with adventure and I will cherish them for many years to come. But there are a handful of memories that are the crème de la crème, days I would relive in a heartbeat. Reflecting on these moments has filled me with gratitude that my… Continue Reading

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Paris

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Paris Thumbnail

A few months ago, I announced that the time to pull the curtain on life in France was drawing near. It wasn’t something I planned, but the road to what I wanted in life and the road to life in Paris started to split into two different directions; as much as I love France, relish… Continue Reading

Shopping for Authentic Italian Leather in Florence Thumbnail

I remember looking at leather bags in Florence when I first visited years ago. My hands slide across the smooth leather, what a beautiful souvenir it would have made. Later a friend and I struck up a conversation with another coffee-drinker at a coffee shop in Philadelphia. I don’t remember much about her, except that… Continue Reading

Enchanted by Florence

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Most of the time while traveling, the journey transforms you. The new sites, the taste of life lived differently, the different flavor combinations, the rhythms of faraway cities; each awaken a place inside you that you hadn’t even realized was sleeping. By the time you are packing to return home, you feel you’ve barely gotten… Continue Reading

9 differences between American & French Universities Thumbnail

I started my university education at a small college in Napa Valley, California. Then I packed up my things and moved to Pennsylvania enrolling at one of the largest universities in the US: Penn State. Two vastly different experiences, but that’s another story. The real comparison came when in 2007 I moved from Penn State… Continue Reading